Corporate Profile


ClearSale believes to be leader in digital anti-fraud solutions in various segments, such as e-commerce, financial market, direct sales, telecommunications, and insurance, and a pioneer in mapping the behavior of digital consumers in Brazil. Operating in the domestic and international markets, ClearSale balances technology with skilled professionals, establishing increasingly solid relations of trust to deliver the best indicators to its customers.

The Company operates mainly in two fraud-prevention fronts in the relationship between companies and individuals, or between companies: authentication of card-not-present payments (Card-Not-Present, or CNP), which consists of an analysis to prevent frauds in online shopping (e-commerce) (with no need of having a physical credit card nor entering a password); and identity authentication (onboarding), which ensures user authenticity in a given online service. In addition to the two fraud-prevention fronts, the Company also provides credit risk assessment solutions based on the digital behavior of consumers.

ClearSale’s unique basis, together with statistical and AI models, create the network effect necessary to fight fraud in the segments where the Company operates. Understanding that a piece or set of data has been impaired and is being used in retail will help prevent future frauds in a bank or phone company. This is the power of the network effect provided for by this basis. The capability of safely storing combined with easy access of data makes it possible to act quickly and effectively in a cyber-attack, for example.

The creation of ClearSale’s Data Lake arises from the Company’s ability to store several types of information on its servers, such as data of individuals shopping online, card issues, application registration, online account opening, and online car financing. All this information is cross-referenced to provide a more accurate and reliable analysis of each transaction, with instant feedback from Data Lake.

Through Data Lake, ClearSale was able to develop and improve technologies and services that can consistently map the minute details of fraudsters’ actions. The purpose of this proprietary technology is to control fraud in purchases and contracts, (going beyond the simple data filling, but understanding the context of each transaction).

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