Since 2018, ClearSale has been certified by Blab as a B Company. This means that the company measures and reports its impacts throughout its value chain and undertakes to the continuous improvement of sustainability. In addition to the certification, ClearSale supports Imperative21, a campaign that advocates the redefining of capitalism.

Before the pandemic, we had already implemented some hybrid working formats (part of the week working in the office and the other part working from home). However, 99% of our employees are currently working from home, which allows us to reduce the carbon footprint related to commuting to work. With regards to working from the office, the company paid for public transportation for its employees as a way to reduce such impact, which, most of the time, was an amount higher than that required by law.

Among the practices implemented in our facilities, we have a building that uses systems to increase water use efficiency (efficient equipment and devices that use reuse water in toilets, and low-flow faucets, sinks, toilets, and urinals to save water). Our offices have a recycling program that allows separating recyclable and non-recyclable waste, which has allowed the reduction and use of approximately 20% of the waste generated in our offices since its implementation. Disposable cups were also replaced by reusable cups in the office and restaurant located inside our facilities. We changed light bulbs and motion sensor systems to make them energy efficient.

Through Incentive Laws, we support the “Digital Apprentices” project, which aims to promote free workshops on digital insertion, programming, robotics, and visual arts. The program aims to influence two communities in a situation of social vulnerability during a school year for the social and cultural progress of the local population by employing digital culture and its relation with the arts.

The project enables the development of work on three fronts: programming and robotics workshops through visual arts; activities to train local educators about the topics of the project; possibility to provide volunteer work through mentoring activities.